The nights of archeology

07:07 29 July in News @en

At the event sponsored by the Region The nights of the Civic Museums of Florence Tuscany with the collaboration of MUS.E propose a series of special initiatives.

Admission: € 12; 10 € reduced from 18 to 25 years, over 65 and college students; 2 € ??up to 18 years. The ticket price includes admission to the Museum of Palazzo Vecchio.

Free reservation required.

Under the program of Archaeology Narrative Monday 21 and Wednesday, July 23 there will be two theatrical performances. The route will travel between 500 and Hall of archaeological excavations: 21.00 – The stones of the city and at 22.00 – The Cautious. The Lombards from Scandia in the court of Alboin and edited by Giuseppina Carlotta Cianferoni Director of the National Archaeological Museum of Florence and her team of actors.
Tuesday 1st and 22 July (21.00 and 22.30) In the ancient theater of Florentia: the public will be able to relive what happened in the ancient theater of Florentia in the first centuries after Christ. The evening was inspired by Terence, one of the greatest playwrights Latin, and his famous phrase “I am a man: nothing human is alien to me,” and Seneca’s Medea. The two evenings will offer brief interventions theater to trace the history and development of the Roman theater – mime all’atellana, from tragedy to comedy – involving the audience in a lively overview that, under a system of characters and masks, the intertwined ‘immediacy educated folk with classical ancestors. Suitable for adults and families with children aged 10 years.
The excavations are partially accessible to wheelchair users (with a guide). Are not accessible to children 8 years old for safety reasons.

For information and reservations
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