The Forte Belvedere – tour and exibit

08:08 15 September in News @en

Tour of the forte belvedere and of the exhibit “Vegetal Perspective”

The tour retraces the history and events linked to the San Giorgio Fortress in Belvedere and offers an introduction to the exhibit “Vegetal Perspective” by Giuseppe Penone (1947).  The tour will intertwine an analysis of the fortress’s architecture – it was completed at the end of the sixteenth century to define that area of the city from a defensive point of view – with an analysis of the works by the contemporary artist displayed on the battlements.  The visitors will then be able to appreciate the poetic approach of Penone, who started to create his art at the end of the sixties following the vein of “poor art” – interested in the magical and marvelous value of natural elements (Germano Celant) – and who is currently considered one of the greatest artists alive.

Target: everybody
Length: 50 minutes
When: Sundays, at 10-11-12 a.m.
Cost: 5,00 euros, including entrance and tour.