Saturday 7 and Sunday, March 8 special visit to the Diocesan Museum of Cortona and Arezzo MUDAS Museum

13:56 06 March in News @en

The return of the days of the Italian ecclesiastical museums , an opportunity to discover the secrets and treasures held in ecclesiastical museums , including the Diocesan Museum of Cortona and MUDAS Museum in Piazza del Duomo in Arezzo . In particular, the Diocesan Museum of the Chapter of Cortona , in Piazza Duomo 1 , offers reduced admission on both days and Sunday free guided tours at 11 and 15 entitled ” On the wings of angels .” The visit to the theme suggests a route through the works of Fra Angelico , Signorelli and Bartolomeo della Gatta , with a small digression on the colors of the wings of angels and their significance .

At MUDAS Museum of Arezzo is expected reduced admission for both days . Saturday and Sunday at 11 , at 15 and 16:30 you can then participate in a guided tour on the theme ” The Annunciation “