Islam at the Museum Stibbert

13:10 29 July in News @en

Until November 9, 2014 – Weapons and armor from the Collection of Frederick Stibbert

The exhibition, organized in cultural areas, has armor from the Islamic section of the Museum Stibbert (end of the fifteenth and beginning of the nineteenth century), unique technology in the processing of metals and embellished with gems and gold and silver agemine: the armor parts Turkmen area of follow-Mamluk armor shutters and elegant swords of the Maharajas of India Mughal decorated with precious stones, concluding with the arms Caucasian, from the famous silver swords nielloed the elaborate firearms.

One room is devoted to collecting works of Islamic century, with the example of collections created by major collectors such as Franchetti, Carrand, Ressman and Bardini. These works are of high quality manufactured by reputable gunsmiths, designed to be used on the battlefield or worn on parade: artifacts of great beauty also purchased by Stibbert in the second half of the nineteenth century that make his collection one of the rarest colleizoni Islamic arms and armor in the world for completeness and preciousness.