Day of Remembrance

08:46 23 January in Kids, News @en

Guided tours at ‘Le Murate’ Tuesday, January 27th.

On the occasion of Remembrance Day, Tuesday, January 27th, the Association Mus.e will offer a series of extraordinary visits free installation ‘Nuclei’ -artist Valeria Muledda – at Le Murate. Projects Contemporary Art (Piazza delle Murate, Florence).

The work aims to give back to the community one of the most significant places of Florence: it is a site-specific for the “rigorous imprisonment”, which is the area of detention more severe prison eight-twentieth century, where they were held among others Carlo Ludovico Ragghianti, Carlo Levi and Gaetano Salvemini..

The initiative is aimed at adults and children (ages 12 and up) and will take in Piazza delle Murate in Florence with guided tours of about 50 minutes that will start at 15, at 16 and 17.

The booking is compulsory and free.
tel. 055-2768224, 055-2768558