Museo Novecento – Time Machine

07:55 15 September in Kids

This path is presented as a “journey through time” that starts from today’s world until the first years of the Twentieth century, examining languages, techniques and principles of the Twentieth century’s arts: from the most recent contemporary installations to the classic scenic designs of the Maggio Musicale (Musical May), from the experimental music to the futurist paintings, from the avant-garde design to the most famous paintings, children will be involved in a discovery journey of the numerous artistic forms of the Twentieth century in an animated dialogue between tradition and innovation, ancient and modern, abstract and concrete. Knowing the great artists of the century – among them Emilio Vedova, Lucio Fontana, Bruno Munari, Giorgio De Chirico, Fortunato Depero – and their artworks will be an occasion of personal reinterpretation that will allows children to bring back home a very peculiar “collection” of their own experience.

Target: families with children 8-12 ages
Length: 75 minutes
When: Saturday at 4.00 pm
Cost: 5,00 euros