Creativity and Innovation as Motors for Economic Growth

13:59 17 November in News @en

19th November 2014, Brussels:
Conference “Creativity and Innovation as Motors for Economic Growth: The Role of Culture and Territories”

Organised under the auspices of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union and of the Italian Regions coordination in Brussels.

Culture and Creative Industries (CCIs) have proved to be resilient to the crisis with innovative solutions contributing to growth and jobs. In this context, significant experiences have been carried out at regional and local level, where, to a large extent, CCIs are established and developed. These experiences need to be shared and strengthened at EU level in order to attract and increase investments, ensure synergies and measure the effective impact in the different economic sectors.
One of the outcomes of this conference, would be the creation of such informal platform to nurture the European debate on culture and creativity through different stakeholders’ perspectives.

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