Restoration of San Pietro di Martino Marcucci

13:01 29 July in News @en

Friday, June 27 at 21, Church of SS. Annunziata di Viareggio: Presentation of the restoration of the painting depicting St. Peter.

The restoration performed by Eleonora Rossi, under the direction of Claudio Casini, has permission to read the signature and the date and assign the painting is not Michele Marcucci, as was believed, but to his nephew Martin, who performed in 1899 .

Of this talk about the Alessandra scholar Nannini, then follow the blessing of Bishop Castellani and the sacred work “Stabat Mater and the Cross”, conducted by Marco Trasatti. The representation of the work pays tribute to the victims of the train disaster in Viareggio June 29, 2009.