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About the project

Banking Foundations are one of the mainstays of the development of local cultural, social and economic policies inasmuch as they can dispose of funds which have proved to be particularly effective when used to carry out projects in synergy with local Institutions, both private and public. .

The actions undertaken in the cultural sector springing from this proactive dichotomy have increasingly focused on the promotion of cultural resources as well as the growth of human resources, so that our very heritage can become a platform for cultural, educational and – potentially – occupational growth. A project promoted for 10 years by Regione Toscana and Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, Piccoli Grandi Musei (PGM) is the epitome of this process as its priority objective has always been to foster rationalization, modernization and management through a network of cultural tourist offer as well as local products while simultaneously activating development processes of local systems.

Over PGM’s 10 years of existence, 66 local museums have been involved, 56 tourist and cultural itineraries arranged, 38 exhibitions organized, with the participation of 310 firms and 289 shops and restaurants of the area. All this has been accompanied by an intense research and educational activity particularly aimed at children and their families.

The general objectives primarily pursued through PGM are the infrastructuring and creation of a network of cultural tourism and accessible tourism routes, educational offer for schools, training of the staff of local firms active in the cultural sector which offer services to the public, dissemination of good practices as well as the promotion for commercial purposes of typical local trades and accommodation facilities